Breathe Love

Ever have one of those friends who is crazy talented and you wonder, “When are they gonna finally do something big?”. Well one of my good friends Vic Davi finally decided to make a record called “Breathe Love”. The idea of just listening to a Vic Davi record in and of itself got me super excited, but then he also asked me to help bring it to life! This album was super interesting to work on, because it broke a lot of rules. Musically it’s super interesting and is extremely true to who Vic is, but it also broke a lot of recording rules. Vic used a very very cheap interface, and 2 low end mics to record the entire thing in a very noisy bedroom near a busy road. The scenario I just described sounds like a nightmare right? Most engineers would almost refuse to work on the project, or at the most do it and not put their name on it, but I love it! Here’s why: Good music or art doesn’t require loads of cash.

The best artists make something beautiful out of nothing.

Every bit of sonic quality and beauty is found in this music and the art, not by a piece of gear, a good room, or some great post end processing. So here’s the proof right here, in this album, you don’t crazy gear. You need work hard at your craft, develop your skills, be creative and do something!


Go show Vic some love HERE, check out the songs, and look out for more music from this guy!



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