You’re Not Doing Anything

What would you say is the difference between successful and unsuccessful people? Some would say lifestyle, others would say what time they wake up or how they spend their free time. I can’t even begin to count the amount of times I have seen these types of articles pop up on my news feed and immediately make me want to rethink everything. While these things can be keys to productivity and success, they are not the biggest barrier of success that I see in today’s culture. Here is the biggest thing I see creatives that are seeing success where they want to see it…. They are doing something!

I’m not sure if this is a generational thing, cultural, creatives, or just humanity in general, but so many people spend their lives letting their dreams drownd in frustration and lack of action rather than just doing something to take a step toward their dreams. Almost weekly I have a conversation with creatives that tell me all about things they want to do, want to start, or want to be. And my first question is always, “So what are you doing to make this happen?”. Usually the responses are cluttered with excuses, some valid and most invalid, as well as statements masking fears and insecurities. The crazy thing in all of this is that most of the time, these people are incredibly talented, but the fear of failing or the fear of people thinking they are now less talented or gifted holds them back.

If I’m being honest, this has been me over and over again in my life. Even when starting this website I fell into this trap. I had been talking about wanting to start something like this for years, but let the fear of people not giving a crap about what I had to stay, or even worse, people hating what I had to say, hold me back. It took me finally just saying, ” I’m doing this”, to make it a reality and I don’t regret it all. I just walked through this with the guys in APW. Over the past few records we talked about how we wanted to have some stripped back videos of the songs we released before the live night so people could hear some of the tunes. Well this came back to the surface about 2 weeks before our most recent recording and sure enough the excuses rolled out, again some valid some invalid. We talked about time restraints, arrangements, schedules, post production time, quality, and many other things. Finally though, we just said, “Tomorrow at 3, we are filming this, and we’re just going to do this and get this out there.”. Sure enough the next day we did it, and it turned out pretty good and had a great response from people. It took some quick hard work to make it happen, but that’s the nature of something like that. (You can check the video out at the bottom to the post.)

So here’s my challenge to you: Do Something! Start a blog, start posting pictures on Instagram, make an album, paint a picture, do something and share it with the world. Whatever your dream is, start moving towards that. You don’t need to have a life planner or thousands of dollars to start doing this. If you want to make music, start filming yourself with your phone and put it on YouTube or Facebook. Whatever that dream is, don’t let it die, do something!



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