Streaming: No fiber, No problem

(Disclaimer: The following article endorses a specific product. I have in no way been compensated or encouraged to write this article. This is simply a very satisfied customer letting the world hear about it.)

For the past several years our church has been working on live streaming to each campus. This was something we knew we needed to be able to do in order to grow our other campuses, but everything we found was either wildly expensive or didn’t work. Then last year, we bit the bullet. We purchased a very high end live streaming product. This was hardware based and something we knew a lot of churches were using. We had big hopes and those hopes were promptly let down. The further we got into it the more problems we had, including the stream just totally dropping in service. I began talking to other people about how they were doing it and I received two answers. Either it was, “We have point to point fiber everywhere and that’s how we got it work.” or, “We have the same issues as you, let me know if you figure something out.”. So we began to hunt for something new. We canceled the contract with the high end company and intensely searched, and quite honestly didn’t have to search long until we found about Living As One. Every prayer I had was answered. They advertised an awesome product, and it was everything they advertised.


The features blew me away! 2 Frame Synced video feeds and 16 channels of SDI embedded audio. Easy to use user interface that’s easy to train a volunteer on. In and Out cue points that can be synced via the cloud to each location. AND…. It’s designed to work over spotty broadband internet! On the broadcast end it is capturing to an internal SSD drive and then broadcasting from that recording on the drive. This is amazing because if the broadcast internet goes down you don’t lose any frames, it immediately picks back up the stream where it detects it lost internet bandwidth. It then does the reverse of this on the playback end. It downloads to an SSD Drive and plays back from there. The quality of the stream is amazing, it is comparable to playing back a ProRes 422 file. Now… this sounds a bit too good to be true, so we put it through the ringer. I must have unplugged and plugged back in the CAT5 cables dozens of times and never lost a frame. Needless to say, we’re in love with this product! I know so many churches are looking into live streaming to other locations, and these guys are priced at a very affordable rate, so if you’re interested in this check them out over at




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