Tips to a Good FOH Broadcast Mix

I’ve spent a good amount of time working on our FOH broadcast mix. I wanted something that came directly off the console that was a direct result of the FOH Mix. There were some things people taught me and some things I stumbled upon, so here’s what I’ve learned: (At the bottom of the post I list the gear I am using and a video clip of a broadcast of ours.)

1. Flat PA

Our PA is very flat, the idea here is that if the PA is flat that your mix will more accurately translate to broadcast. This does require more work for your mix as the PA won’t help cover things up for you.

2. Audience Microphones

I use 4 audience microphones in our broadcast mix at Allison Park. 2 shotgun mics on the far front corners of the room and 2 pencil condensers hanging from the ceiling. These are compressed and EQd on their own individual channel strips. From there they are mixes into their own mix bus (or aux) and then mixed into the matrix for broadcast. I mix them in just enough that you can hear clapping and laughing at a decent level during the message. Anymore than that and it can create an empty feeling usually.

3. Compress It

I do several things to the mix via onboard plugins on the console. First off I apply a slight bit a compression. I am barley engaging this and using a mid level ratio, this helps to knock down any big spikes.


4. Limit It

The last thing I do to the broadcast mix is apply a limiter to it. I personally use a multi band limiter, if you don’t have that use any type of limiter. This will help bring more volume into the mix. You’ll want to make sure this doesn’t squash your mix though. If you don’t know how to use a limiter, there are some great YouTube videos out there that will help you with this.


5. Pre-Amp

I always recommend using some sort of quality pre-amp after the console before you hit whatever your final mix is going into. This helps to give you a good strong signal and will not add a lot of noise.


6. Your Mix

At the end of all of this on thing remains true… your mix is what it is. A bad mix isn’t going to sound better running through all of this. Work your mix, use other peoples mixes that you like as reference points for this. I am constantly listening to other peoples mixes that I respect and trying to learn from them and tweak what they are doing.



My Signal Chain:

Console: SC48

Plugin Chain: Waves API2500, Waves MaxxBass, Waves S1 Imager, Waves L3 Multimaximizer

Pre-Amp: Focusrite OctoPre




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