Exposed: Keep It Clean (Ignite 2017 Part 3)

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness.” – No Clue who Said This

One the big things that was exposed during this event, was the state of everything behind the scenes. By the end of the week almost every one of our areas had turned into overflowing trashcans, stacks of pelican cases and road case lids, piles of cables, and more empty cups of coffee than I care to admit. We were so focused on the front end of what was happening that we lost sight of the environments we were working in. By the end of the week it required full clean sweeps of areas we used and we are still working on reorganizing our main storage area. This was something that totally went against the way we do things on a regular basis, but it was made clear throughout the week that when push came to shove we didn’t care enough about this. So now that we have identified an issue, we seek to solve it and correct it. Saying, “That’s just production guys for ya. It is what it is.” isn’t acceptable. Quite honestly you can tell a pro by the way he keeps his area, takes care of his gear, and wraps his cables.

So here is what we are doing to correct this. The first big thing is that we will actually have someone on the team who is solely responsible for monitoring all of this. This will include where gear is stored, knowing what gear is where, and that our areas stay clean. Another big thing we will do in the future is that we will have designated storage for any and all cases for rental gear or gear we are bringing in for the event. It will be in a completely different room than any of our normal equipment. Between all the boxes of shipped camera gear, road case lids, pelicans, and musical equipment cases, we can easily fill up a room by itself. And finally, keeping things clean will be something that is communicated as a standard and expectation from the first minute of load in. We don’t want this to be something we compromise on.

Thankfully for this event, it did not have any negative affects on the end product. No one tripped over something and pulled a cable out, or spilled something all over a desk. But these types of things have the potential to. So keep your space clean, and while we’re on the subject…. take a shower and stay smelling nice, no one wants to sit 3 feet away from someone who makes them gag. 🙂



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