No Regrets (Ignite 2017 Part 1)

Conference Season is Over! The long days of prep, the late nights, and all the chemex brews we consumed have all paid off and now we can sit back and relax. Until 2 days later we realize Christmas is coming up. 🙂 But for real, this spring for us at Allison Park was the most intense conference/event we have taken on, mainly because of all we attempted to accomplish. To put it simply, we did a live album recording one night, then the next morning a conference for church leaders from all over the northeast. We’ve done several of these over the years, and quite frankly, we were never really super happy with the end results. We always walked away saying, “We could have done this, (or were capable of) better.” or “Why didn’t we spend that extra hour?”. So this year as a creative team our theme was, no regrets. We wanted to plan well, pray well, and execute well. This didn’t mean run ourselves into the ground and take on things that we so wildly out of reach, but pursue excellence in everything. If there was something we didn’t like, we wanted it to be because we weren’t capable of doing it or we just aren’t as good as we want to be. From a team aspect here is what this does: It expands and exposes our capacity. So over the next several posts, I am going to focus on things that expanded us and things that were exposed. From my perspective there has not been an event to recent date that did both of these things so well for us, while still providing a quality experience for those that were in the seats. So stay tuned!




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