5 Reasons Why Your Volunteers Won’t Use Avioms

fREDAvioms. The solution to every church’s stage volume problems. No more wedges blasting to overpower the drummer and ruining the house mix. No more spending 2 hours getting everyone’s monitor’s set. It was a dream come true to most church staffs. But then came the volunteers who came into practice and promptly set them to the side after one practice and brought their own powered monitor with them. You as the worship leader sat there in shock and your senior pastor shook his head seeing that you are the only one using an aviom. Still to this day you wonder why your musicians won’t use the aviom that you have so willingly provided for them. Well here are 5 reasons your volunteers won’t use avioms.

1. They Don’t Know How to Mix

Some people don’t understand how to get a good mix for their own ears. Mixing is an art and a skill that not all musicians possess. Help your volunteers mix their aviom mix and show them what you’re doing so that they can do it in the future for themselves. Panning can be a great technique to help separate instruments or voices in you ears. Try panning things accordingly to how the stage is set up around you, such as if the bass player is on your left, pan it slightly to you left ear. Sometimes musicians can’t hear themselves try turing up the master before your volunteers get to church. Headroom is your friend.

2. Earbuds

Cheap earbuds can commonly be the reason that volunteers hate avioms. iPod earbuds are not going to give a good mix, stay in your ear, or look good. A pair of 30 dollar black ear buds can do the trick, just find one’s that have interchangeable size attachments. The best option is for the church to buy a couple decent pairs of earbuds for volunteers. Set your volunteers up for success.

3. FOH

Your Front Of House tech can be the culprit of a bad in ear mix as well. If the gain structure isn’t set well it can either clip (overdrive) the aviom channel or not be loud enough to get the desired output. Lazy EQ’s can also affect in ears as well. Make sure your FOH tech is putting time into his EQ’s.

4. Feeling Tied Down

Some musicians feel tied down by avioms, make sure you buy headphone extensions, 20 ft will work. Buy the extensions that already convert quarter inch to eight inch that way you won’t have to worry about adapters going missing all the time.

5. Label It

This may seem like common sense but some church’s only have a few pieces of paper with the list of the channels. Make sure the channels are clearly labeled.


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